Mixer Data Video SE-500
price: Rp. 9.300.000

Simple, Reliable, and Affordable

The SE-500 is a compact and light weight, 4-channel SD video/audio mixer with built-in TBCs that accept S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video signals. In addition to S-Video and composite Video, the SE-500 also provides component (Y:U:V) output.

Features include dissolves, flicker free cuts, wipes, splits, PiP and a color processor. The SE-500 is ideal for small churches, schools, clubs, pubs, and anywhere that you want a low cost, extremely reliable and simple to use video and audio switcher. It has a selectable multi view output of the four inputs meaning you only need two video monitors, one for the source and one for program output. As with all Datavideo products SE-500 works on 12V DC.

SE-500 Key Features
Easy to Setup & Transport

SE-500 is compact and lightweight for easy setup and transport.

Low Cost

SE-500 is made with low cost in mind. It’s an extremely reliable, affordable switching solution.

Pip or Quad Preview

Preview may be displayed as PiP (Picture in Picture) or Quad Preview

CF Recorder + CF 32G
price: Rp. 6.750.000

Compact Flash Recorders DN-60

Tapeless recording has huge advantages over using tapes. Video can be copied rather than captured, dropout is a thing of the past and new workflows are possible.


  • Light weight, small and very portable.
  • Removeable CF card, compatible with FAT32 or NTFS file systems
  • CF card 32 GB for 135 minutes, CF card 64 GB for 270 minutes
  • Flexing mounting options include tripod and hot shoe
  • File format supported:
  • DV: .avi, .mov
  • HDV: .m2t native and through supplied quick software utility also QuickTime HDV (Mac only)
  • Time lapse recording down to single frame recording for stop motion, science, model animation or many other application 8 seconds pre-record buffer, useful in recording unexpected events especially in science research, outdoor recording or security applications
  • Control Interface
  • RS232 compatible with Sony Protocol
  • Use four standard AA batteries for more than two hours continuous recording. Can also use included external power adapter IEEE 1394 input and output DV25 time code from the camera or generates internal time coder
  • Support for DV, HDV, DVCPro25 and DVCPro50
  • DN-60 can be controlled directly by the camera through the IEEE-1394 AVC command protocol
  • DN-60 supports all CF cards capacities, with no minimum nor maximum limit
  • Support NTFS formatting eliminate 2GB file size

Please Note

Datavideo DN-60 Hard Drive recorder have been designed to emulate a tape. The current firmware enabling you to playback seamlessly all clips from a BIN (imagine a BIN as a TAPE, you can record/playback to and from one or several BINs, like you would record/playback to and from one or several tapes).Based on user request Datavideo are in the process of developing a new firmware, which will be optimised for computer editing. The firmware will be available free of charge from our website shortly, enabling you to decide your preferred workflow, been seamlessly playback of all clips in one BIN, or optimised for Computer editing.

Tapeless, file based video acquisition has widely become accepted as a replacement for out-dated tape based systems.Recording times are far longer than for traditional tape, there are no drop-outs and using Datavideo’s Direct to Timeline technology, you will speed up the process from acquisition to editing, thanks to file transfer, rather than traditional capturing.The Datavideo DN-60 utilizes the latest solid state technology of removable and high-capacity CF memory cards, providing hours of continuous high definition recordings, enabling you to take advantage of tapeless acquisition in even the toughest environments.The DN-60 is powered using four traditional AA batteries, or widely available rechargable AA batteries. A set of batteries providing more than two hours continuous recording, depending on the type of battery used.Also included is an external power supply. The Datavideo DN-60 connects directly to your existing DV or HDV camcorder via a single FireWire cable.The DN-60 is lightweight and easy to mount to camcorders. It is perfect for news gathering, location shoots, security systems, scientific and medical recording.

Distributor Data Video VP-299
price: Rp. 1. 600.000

Distribution Amplifiers Datavideo VP-299 (made in Taiwan)

Distribution Amplifiers provide multiple outputs of the input signal, without loss of quality or signal level. VP-299

4 Way Video/Audio Distribution Amplifier Datavideo VP-299


  • 1 Input / 4 Output
  • S-Video (Y/C) & Composite Video Connections
  • Built in Video Amplifier
  • Metal Chassis
  • File format yang didukung:
  • Suitable for Commercial Applications

Accessories Included:

  • 1 x RCA (Phono) Cable
  • 1 x S -Video Cables
  • Power Supply

Solid, metal chassis – ideal for commercial applications. Amplifies & distributes a single video signal to up to 4 different video monitors or recorders. Also ideal for duplication purposes. Features S-Video (Y/C) and Composite Video plus stereo audio connections.