The reason for choosing SUPER JIB:

Super Jib already using pipes to form a triangle which is the world's most popular model, refine the previous model that is round which has several shortcomings.Super Jib menggunakan pipa triangle desain 2011, penyempurnaan dengan penambahan ketebalan sekaligus perforasi pada dinding pipa untuk sirkulasi udara sehingga lebih stabil pada penggunaan outdoor. Super Jib is the equipment that is user friendly, easy operation by way relieve the operator of work and maintenance technicians. Super Jib can compete with any brand and any form - including a similar triangle shape - in terms of quality, performance, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), maintenance and operational costs. Super Jib diassembling in Indonesia so as to ensure the quality, availability of spare parts and after sales service (currently, there are jib cranes are assembling in Indonesia - Sold in a price range of USD 150 million - also promises the availability of spare parts, but not sold separately to non-subscribers).

Super Jib can meet the expectations of customers who want to design their own creative cranenya jib. We sell spare parts according to customer requirements. If you can design your own tripod, remote head and so on, but difficulties with the availability of pipe, of course you do not need to buy a complete unit! We provide spare parts to suit your needs.