Terms & Conditions


The agreement between www.superjib.com (Parties I) with the lessee (Parties II)

Jib Crane Installation of the unit will only be done if the lessee receives the following terms and conditions:

1. Equipment rental packages are: Jib Crane a complete set with remote pan & tilt head, a digital joystick, LANC control zoom and LCD monitors for indoor use.

2. Time rentals in the city are taken according to package. Package Morning (6:00 to 14:00), Pack Night (15:00 to 23:00) or Package Fullday (06:00 to 18:00).

3. Time rentals in the city shall be computed from the equipment into the vehicle when he went up to the equipment ready to go in the event the vehicle is completed. Excess time out overtime and the package is an additional charge. Time on the way home is not taken into account and does not constitute overtime.

4. Time rentals out of town / out of the province in accordance with the request / previous agreement.

5. Requests for additional outside equipment rental package must be made in writing prior to the event with the approval of the operator and an additional charge. If requested, the operator will assist Tenants looking for rental vehicles, cargo, lodging, cameras or equipment from other parties. In this case, the tenant transact directly to other parties so that things that happen between the tenant and the other is outside the responsibility of the operator.

6. Payments made in cash rental packages or transfers at the time of booking and paid one month before the event.

7. The cost of rental packages are net prices and do not include: travel costs, the consumption of the operator / assistant during the trip and during the time of rental, lodging (for locations outside the city / outside the province), location and license fees, security, costs an additional request, cameras, batteries, electrical , AV distributors, electrical cable / video da others.

8. Vehicles / vans provided by the tenant, so that the delay caused by damaged cars / breaking down / jammed the responsibility of the Tenant. It is forbidden to use pickup vehicles. Operators are prohibited from leaving the vehicle unattended equipment operator.

9. Tenants are responsible for the necessary permits, for the safety of equipment leased from the disorder, for the safety of your soul and for the responsible operator to a third party (the audience, the owner, tenant clients, people / other business entities) as long as the lease lasts.

10. Weather and location are the responsibility and risk of the lessee, the operator has the right to refuse installation, stop the operation or disassemble rental equipment when weather conditions are not possible or if the weather or the location will be good / rainy / blustery.

11. Operators the right to refuse shooting offensive, violates community obscenity and the law. Tenant's right to reprimand / warn the operator when to carelessness or do things outside of work during the time of lease.

12. Equipment rental should only be installed, operated and dismantled by the operator who had been trained previously. www.superjib.com provide operators for the installation, operation and dismantling. Request to move the location of 50 meters from the location of the initial setup done before and an additional charge. Equipment rental should be dismantled and taken home after each event, although the event lasts more than a day.

13. Operators are prohibited from installing additional equipment on rental equipment be anything other than a video camera, the DC adapter cable, RCA video cable and camera batteries. Weight of the camera, lens, batteries, cables installed in the equipment lease a maximum of 6 kg (Sony DSR 250). Operators are prohibited from installing and / or operate equipment on the vehicle (car / truck / boat) or on stage, or on an unstable foundation.

14. Tenants are required to supervise Tenant's equipment mounted on the equipment owned by www.superjib.com. www.superjib.com not responsible for any loss and / or damage to equipment belonging to Tenant (camera, lens, batteries, etc.) are mounted on the equipment owned by www.superjib.com.

15. Tenants agreed to hire equipment rental without warranty. In the event of damage or disruption of technical / non technical so that rental equipment is not functioning in part or whole during the lease, or the image does not fit with the desire, Tenant harmless the owners, management and operator www.superjib.com from all claims for compensation and / or demands law directly or indirectly by the lessee and / or third party.

16. In the event of a complaint or cancellation of lease due to things like the articles above or by other causes, Tenant remains fully liable to pay rental fees.

17. Similarly, this provision was agreed with the goal of common good and for close cooperation and better.

18. If you have any questions, please contact www.superjib.com at: 081-654321-77 or 031-33172677.